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If this is your first time logging in and you are WIREGRASS EMPLOYEE or STUDENT, click on SIGN ME UP to create an account. 


If you are not a Wiregrass employee or student, please click here  HERE for our Community Portal.

Employee and Students -Portal passwords must have at least 8 characters with a capital letter and a number, do not use special characters.


Once you’ve provided the information, you will receive a confirmation message to the email you’ve provided. Use the hyperlink provided in the email you receive to confirm your email address and log into your account.


Faculty and staff – you will need to know your employee ID number and your work email address OR the phone number associated with your personnel file.

Students – you will need to know your 900# and your student email address OR the phone number associated with your student account.


After you are logged into the portal, you will need to provide your employee identification number and an associated phone number or email address on file with the company. The information you provide MUST MATCH the information we have on file.

Your portal user credentials will be active for whenever you need to log in and update subscriptions and preferences.


You can access your portal account from your Smartphone. Download the Blackboard MyConnect app at 

iOS or Android.